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The Salem Herbfarm Gardens

Our Herb Demonstration Garden is our newest add to the Herbfarm. There are five beds, each with a different theme: ornamental, medicine, culinary, citrus and frangrant. Take a look at some of the herbs that we used when creating the beds.

Herb Demonstration Garden

Fragrant Garden

Herbs in the fragrant garden

The Culinary Bed

Culinary Herbs



Our 19th century garden continues to grow. We are constantly tending to them according to the seasons. More plants are added each year as needed.

Fence Garden

Plants for the 19th century garden are those most often used in the gardens of 1840 to 1860. The garden is fenced in on two sides by rock walls and on the other two sides by a white picket fence. Two wooden gates/trellises allow you to enter.

Stonewall Picket Fence

19th Century Garden 2

Our cutting gardens, especially the zinnia garden, are especially colorful in July and August. The herb garden seems quite content. And the wreath garden with its lavender, artemesia, and yarrow loves the heat.

Water Garden

Sunken Garden Greenhouse